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Real Talk School of Nursing

The Real Talk School of Nursing Podcast was started by Ben & Greg, two nursing students who worked as Emergency Department Techs. Both have graduated and handed the keys to nursing student Michael Smith.

The podcast doesn't talk about content. There are a thousand smarter people out there. Nursing school isn't JUST about content. What makes nursing school hard is all the "stuff" that surrounds it.

So let's talk about it. Let's share our experiences.

In nursing school, the last easy day was yesterday. But we can get through it together!

Jul 25, 2016

In this episode:  We shamelessly watch some nursing related YouTube videos and throw in our useless two cents. If you want to follow along, here are the links to the videos. Cleveland Clinic Larry Mellick

Jul 22, 2016

In this episode: We talk to Sam, founder of Nursearch about his unique company and how he is connecting patients with the perfect nurse for them.

Follow Nursearch on Twitter @thenursearch and check out the website:

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Jul 11, 2016

In this episode: We talk about a whole bunch of stuff... Nothing in particular but it's a good short episode.

Jul 1, 2016

In this episode: We talk about "Skilled Nursing Facilities," Greg's violent patient altercation, and much more!

Beer of the eposide: Too early for beer today! Coffee only!

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