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Real Talk School of Nursing

The Real Talk School of Nursing Podcast was started in February 2016, by Ben & Greg, two nursing students who worked as Emergency Department Techs. Both have graduated and handed the keys to Michael Smith MSN RN in November 2018.

The podcast doesn't talk about content very much. There's more to nursing school than just content. What makes nursing school hard is all the "stuff" that surrounds it.

So let's talk about it. Let's share our experiences.

In nursing school, the last easy day was yesterday. But we can get through it together!

Feb 5, 2021

Today we talk to Kevin "The Boot Nurse" Gibson, BSN RN. We talk about his US Navy service, going through nursing school while on active duty, his NCLEX experience, and navigating medical recruiters if you're thinking about entering the military.

Jan 25, 2021

Today we talk with Trevor Mueller, MSN CRNA. We talk about nursing career pathways, advanced degrees, CRNA school, working as a Nurse Anesthetist, and a little about Klimek Reviews. Thanks for joining us! Enjoy!!

Jan 8, 2021

#92 - New Grad Nurse Brandy - Foresight and Sacrifice - S5E1

Today, we speak with an INCREDIBLE New Grad who has an amazing story of foresight and sacrifice. I can’t wait to share this incredible story with you, and I hope that it inspires some of you who are wondering if you can do it. Brandy is a mother who made...

Nov 1, 2020


#91 - Nurse Allie (Gravel_Walknurse) - Hospice Nursing - S4E19

Today, we are going to talk to Nurse Allie. You’ll find her page on Instagram at Gravel_Walknurse and look up and subscribe to her YouTube channel by searching for Nurse Allie.

She is a hospice nurse, and I wanted to bring her on because I think she has...

Oct 28, 2020

#90 - A Teacher's Perspective (Part 2): Surviving the Online Environment

Surviving the online learning environment, the delay between episodes, practical Study Management tips, translations into nursing school, and who the REAL customer of teachers are.

Season 5 debuts next month! Lots of powerful interviews and...